Friday, September 9, 2011

Sights from the 2011 Dakota 5-O

The Dakota Five-O is one of the best races around and not just because of the great singletrack. I've raced it two years in a row and the after party and awards are great. Here are a few of the interesting things I saw this year:

Tall bike powered ice cream churn by the Spearfish Bike Coop.

There are two kinds of Gary Fishers: those that have broken and those that will break. This one's a Hi-Fi.

Smokey the Bear.

The first band - sorry I didn't get their name.

Plenty of beer from Crow Peak Brewery.

Dakota 5-O bottle from Salsa, mug from a Spearfish artist.

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  1. I was cruising around the web looking for diy bike bags,(which you have a fine one of) when scrolling threw I found a picture of my friends tall bike, and yep that's my wife and another buddy, and of course me. If it wasn't the 5-O, our home town fave. I by the way am Clay Dykstra, the potter that made the 5-O cup. Are you coming out for this years? If you are ever out this way again drop me a line, would be happy to show you more trail.