Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Bike - Performance Access XCL 29r

I recently decided to retire the commuter bike (an old Specialized Crossroads set up to be as close to a cx bike as possible: and replace it with something newer. I wanted something that would be:
  • Relatively unappealing to thieves
  • Disc brakes
  • Mountain bars
  • Easy to mount racks and fenders to
  • Cheap
  • Good for bikepacking
I ended up with the Access frame because it met the criteria and even had mounts for the upper part of a rear rack and two sets of water bottle mounts (turns out this isn't the case for the smallest size - the one I bought). Here's what it took to upgrade:
  • Frame $90+$10 for derailler hanger new (ebay - performance was sold out)
  • Shimano hubs/Velocity Blunt rims used $80 (cronometro bike swap)
  • Mystery steel fork $40 (swap)
  • SRAM X7 shifters new $15 (swap)
  • SRAM X7rear derailler new $15 (swap)
  • SRAM X9 front derailler used $0 (had this)
  • FSA V drive extreme cranks used $0 (had this)
  • Cassette used $0 (had this)
  • Chain used $0 (had this)
  • On One Mary bars used $20 (swap)
  • Headset new $10 (swap)
  • Stem used $0 (had this)
  • Carbon headset spacer new $6 (ebay)
  • Oury grips used $1 (swap)
  • Avid levers used $0 (had this)
  • Avid BB7 brakes used $40 (swap)
  • Bontrager seatpost used $10 (swap) 
  • Axiom seatpost clamp with integrated rack mounts new $12 (Machinery Row)
  • WTB seat used $0 (had this)
  • Planet Bike Cascadia fenders used $0 (had this)
  • Racktime rack used $0 (had this)
  • Wellgo pedals used $0 (had this)
  • Cables and housing new $10 (Pricepoint)
  • Nokian Hakkapeliitta W106 used $0 (had this)
 A total of $359, but I basically ended up with a mostly new bike with a good spec of components. The fenders and rack took a little effort to install (see pics below) but everything worked out. I really like the Mary bars now that I figured out they need to be rotated down, though they do flex more than I would want for a race bike. I'm very happy with the end result - it's a lot more comfortable and versatile than the old bike.

I do need to buy locking skewers since I'm already tired of using a cable to lock up the wheels and they would most likely disappear downtown if they weren't locked.

Picnic Point in Madison. Note the bar I made to drop the front fender down to the tire. It's a piece of aluminum with a hole drilled in either end. Thanks Sector 67!

I used the spacer provided with the fenders to clear the brake in front.

I also used a spacer on the fender and rack to clear the brake in the rear. Unfortunately this means that the rack is shifted left relative to the wheel but it (just) works.

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