Monday, October 25, 2010

Cam Rock CX

I raced cat 4 in the cam rock cx yesterday. It rained hard all morning and the course was very muddy. I didn't wear glasses and I couldn't see anything because of the mud being thrown by my front tire. I'm not sure how others were handling this but it was really discouraging for me. I could never get motivated and I didn't get to enjoy the wet conditions that I had been hoping for. Someone told me I got 10th but I didn't check. Below are some pics. The rest are here: Cam-Rock Cyclocross.

I recommend the Dozer burger and a beer at Heather's in Rockdale. They should advertise at the course. The bar is so close I went by on my warm-up. 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Blockhouse Roll 2010

Blockhouse Roll was great. I spent Friday marking the course and cutting firewood for the race. On Saturday I raced expert in the afternoon. Max, last year's winner, opened up a lead on the parade lap and I found myself in fourth. I had a good first lap and passed the third place rider just before the barn after waiting way too long (should have tried to stay with second). My second lap was also solid and I ended up with third place.

Race director Joe


This picture says "Blockhouse" to me

WEMS Blue Mounds - Three Hour

I didn't feel much like racing Blue Mounds. I had thought about doing the 12 hour again this year but then I decided I'd rather race the three hour after being bored at WEMS Levis Trow. When race day arrived I felt like I'd rather be racing the No Good Double Cross or maybe just doing nothing. I got on the bike anyway and, after a le mans start, was in fourth (out of only eight men and one woman). We got to the spot where the trail split, with one trail for the 3 hour and one for the 6/12. Though they meant well, the person who was at the split directing us was pointing to their right (the correct direction) but yelling "right" (the right direction from their perspective but the wrong direction from ours). We went to our right and there was chaos when we figured out the mistake.

Photo credit:

Pointed back the right direction, I soon passed the two riders in front of me and thought I was in second. I came back through the start in 34 minutes and no one said anything about what place I was in. I headed back into the woods and started wondering if I'd see the first place rider. Then I flatted both tires at the same time. One small cut in each tire that the Stan's couldn't seal for some reason. Having only one tube, I started hiking out. I ran into Walt at the road crossing and he donated and installed the second tube. Thanks Walt! To make a long story short, after another lap I  flatted again (this time the valve stem tore out of the tube) and decided to call it a day. Turns out I was in first when I flatted the first time around. Lesson learned: you can ride Blue Mound on XR1s but not at race pace.

Congratulations to Ana for dominating the women's three hour!

Photo credit: ArisaemaDracontium from CORP