Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chequamegon 100

I see a lot of blog posts that are nothing but pictures. To return balance to the universe, this one is nothing but words. Actually there are no pictures is because I'm not carrying a camera or taking pictures while racing. When I'm racing I've got better things to do than take pictures like pedal, eat, and avoid yard sale-ing down some hill in the great north woods. I raced the Chequamegon 100 yesterday, which was organized by Tim and Joe. The race is 100 unsupported miles of mountain biking in the Chequamegon National Forest. 250 people signed up and about 110 showed up. Here's what happened:

Slept outside on a deck.
Woke up way too early because of all the noise the loons were making.
Switched to a shorter stem (Salsa Pro Moto Ti).
Drove to the race, got ready,set keys in the trunk, slammed trunk.
Started at the back.
Passed people like it was a WORS race.
Caught up to Matt while he was standing next to the trail.
Rode with Matt, Charlie Farrow, and two other people.
Got a tiny puncture in a tire and watched as the Stan's did nothing despite lots of spinning and shaking.
Got lost trying to find the town hall.
Found the town hall.
Ate a Clif Bar and rode out with Charlie and Joe.
Got another puncture. Pumped frantically forever. Bring C02!
Got lost again.
Borrowed a backup (29") tube from someone who had a mechanical.
Rode with some people that knew where they were.
Donated the 29er tube to someone that needed one.
Ran into Joe again.
Finished the race in 10:11:60. 12th place. Completely the result of getting lost less than a lot of other, faster riders.
Realized I had a frame bag full of food I never ate. It's tough to eat on this course since it's almost all singletrack.
Called tow truck to unlock the car.
Won a twin-six shirt.
Drove home in the middle of the night.