Wednesday, April 28, 2010


The Big-Ass Long Loop Shindig, or BALLS Ride, was last weekend. The ride started in Barneveld on Saturday at 7am. From there, the 25 riders rode the Military Ridge Trail 15 miles west to Dodgeville. From Dodgeville we rode the roads to the beginning of the Cheese Country Trail in Mineral Point. The Cheese Country Trail is another rails to trails but is typically used by atvs, making it very rough on a bicycle with whoops, gravel, sand, and mud. After 45 miles the Cheese Country Trail ended in Monroe where we turned north onto the Badger State Trail. 11 miles later we came to the intersection of the Badger State and Sugar River trails and turned onto the Sugar River Trail. The Sugar River Trail ends in Brodhead where we rode a mile out of town to the Crazy Horse Campground, with just over 100 miles completed. It had rained often and misted when it wasn't raining. Not great weather for biking but a good time anyway.

Regrouping outside Dodgeville:

On the Cheese Country:

At the crossroads:

The beginning of Sunday was the reverse of Saturday. I rode alone back up the Sugar River Trail and turned onto the Badger State toward Madison. It really started raining after an hour or two and I had to put all my rain gear on. When I got to Madison, I took the roads back onto the Military Ridge Trail. 60 or so miles and countless episodes of On Point later, I was in Barneveld.

The tunnel outside Belleville:

Turning back onto Military Ridge outside Madison:

Riley is the halfway point from Madison to Barneveld:

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