Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bikepacking at Blue Mound State Park

Devon and I rode to Blue Mound State Park and camped for a night. We took the Military Ridge Trail. It took five hours to go 20 miles due to the rain, mud, snow, and darkness. I'm sure Devon will have a better description here. Given the conditions, my new bike and new camping gear worked well enough with one exception. The bivy that I bought (for $15) really didn't work very well at all because, in an attempt to be lighter, I didn't bring the pole or stakes for it (not the bivy's fault, my fault). This meant that there was no way to open the vent without the rain getting in. Meaning that I could either have lots of condensation or rain coming in. I went for a mix of both. Luckily the sleeping bag is water resistant and I stayed dry inside even though it ended up with a lot of water inside. I'll bring the pole next time.

Here's what I brought:
-Dry bag with sleeping bag (Marmot Helium) and jacket (Marmot Zeus) strapped to the bars
-Frame bag (homemade) with sleeping pad (Thermarest Neoair), extra clothes, food, and camera
-Seat bag with tools and a tube
-Backpack/camelbak with bivy (The Backside T-7), water, and more clothes
-Bottle cage with a one liter bottle (Snapple Lyte Water - the biggest bottle I could find that fits in a cage)

The only picture I have (it was raining and dark for the ride):

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